Revisiting Haing Ngor’s murder: ‘Killing Fields’ theory won’t die – latimes

I was part of Operation Bevel Edge with a CIF Platoon with the III MEF. I was a machine gunner with Lima Company 3/3 and our machine gun section was spun up by SOTG to be ready.

I was off CIF duty and was preparing to go from Camp Hansen to MCBH Kaneohe Bay. Our gear was polarized and we were field dating the barracks to kill time. 90% of us were nursing hangovers from Kinville.

The Cambodian Civil War started in roughly 1970 and continued through mid to late 90’s which is where our platoon came in. I became interested in the area and the Killing Fields in particular.

I followed the trials of Pol Pot’s regime with interest and the attempt to turn the site of such brutality into a vacation destination. Somehow, I missed the story of Haing Noir’s homicide. 

I was aware he passed away but not the nature of his murder or the possible involvement of the “Long Arm of the Khmer Rouge.” He was a brave man, and did much to shed light on the horrors perpetrated on him and his people.


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