NFL Hell


“But the disappearance of fans at lower-profile games isn’t only a problem in Santa Clara. This l–past weekend l u in my m by p slammed the Chargers fo failing to fill their 30,000 person temporary home in Los Angeles. The Rams’ crowd was unfavorably compared to0/ no the audience for USC’s game this past weekend, and there is increasing grumbling about the decline of even the television ratings.”

Newsflash, L.A. is a fickle sports town. Besides that, the NFL has cut off it’s nose to spite its face. It launched a multimillion dollar probe to see if it’s marquee star Tom Brady played with his balls, literally. It has been caught doling out one game suspensions to shitbags who beat their wives and girlfriends, and allows spoiled millionaires to disrespect the national anthem.

In the year of our lord, two thousand and seventeen, there are many options for spending a Sunday. The NFL should bring back O. J. Simpson as a sideline reporter, make the circle complete. Ratings are never going to recover, concussions, off filed crime, poor play and a lack of respect for the fan base are too much to overcome.


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