Tucker: A Man and His Meme


Taking over Bill O’Reilly’s 8 pm time slot, Mr. Carlson has revamped his predecessor’s “No Spin Zone” for the Trump era. Whereas Mr. O’Reilly would attempt to bully his guests into accepting milquetoast establishment opinions, Mr. Carlson actually broaches taboo subjects with refreshing candor. While he has kept his biting “CrossFire” style intact, Mr. Carlson has shed much of the hyper-partisanship that defined his earlier career. No longer having to play that role, Mr. Carlson has hit targets across the board. During one week, he reduced to near tears both a neocon retired lieutenant and a Council on Foreign Relations stooge, before sharing jovial words with a far leftist about the folly of anti-Trump hysteria regarding Russia. Of course, he spends the majority of his time debunking the Trump era’s bountiful left-wing histrionics.

Amren has a great article on the ascension of Tucker Carlson and it is very astute and amsuing. Politics is downstream from culture, and the left is losing the plot. The polished preening of network news seems so anarchronistic now, with the advent of streaming and YouTube stars. Adapt or die as they say.


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