Special Victims Unit: Hollywood Division


One would think all this rampant misogyny would demand that Hollywood take on the issue of social justice for women — the same way it has embraced the cause of the African-American, Jewish and LGBTQ communities.

Linda Bloodworth Thompson penned this steaming pile of dogshit for THR. What is fascinating about the above quote is Hollywood is dominated by gays and Jews, and they are the ones responsible for the treatment of the women both on and off camera. I guarantee THR gets push back on their caricature of Harvey Weinstein as anti semitic and has to issue an apology.

We have a Jewish dominated business absuing women, a Jewish perpatrator and no one will bring it up. My thoughts on Harvey are here.  Here is another great line from one of the least self aware people on earth:

The creator of ‘Designing Women’ and Clinton confidant details horrific stories of sexual impropriety and abuse of power

Yes please clinton enabler lecture me about how terrible the culture of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse is. This is beyond absurd.


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