Ronan the Accuser


Ronan Farrow has done God’s work breaking down the barriers of silence that surrounded the Hollywood elite. The whole endeavor is truly Shakespearian. One need to look no further for Mr. Farrow’s motivation than to his own childhood. I have always found Mr. Farrow to be an interesting fellow.

Ronan Farrow told the Hartford Courant that while there is “no factual link between” his own experience with abuse allegations against his estranged father, he said, “I have been part of a family where we’ve had to grapple with the complex cost-benefit analysis” of making these accusations. For a long time, Ronan told the Courant, “I said it was better to move forward—don’t let this cast a shadow.” But after his sister went public in 2014, he said, “I realized I was wrong. I realized the healing value of the truth.”

How will Hollywood treat Ronan the Accuser moving forward?

#Weinstein #Hollywood


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