Harvey Weinstein

The era of independent cinema of the 1990’s was a remarkable time in film history. An exciting return to writer and director driven material and a catalog of eclectic films of all genres.

No one person was more prevalent or defining for this era than Harvey Weinstein.

From 1992 until 2012 he was the most powerful ‘indie’ producer in Hollywood history. Make no mistake, this man was not reviled by his peers for his behavior, he was revered and showered with awards.

It was the loss of his Midas touch, not the weight of his scandals that brought him down. Hollywood would sacrifice any woman anywhere for silver and gold.


Tucker: A Man and His Meme


Taking over Bill O’Reilly’s 8 pm time slot, Mr. Carlson has revamped his predecessor’s “No Spin Zone” for the Trump era. Whereas Mr. O’Reilly would attempt to bully his guests into accepting milquetoast establishment opinions, Mr. Carlson actually broaches taboo subjects with refreshing candor. While he has kept his biting “CrossFire” style intact, Mr. Carlson has shed much of the hyper-partisanship that defined his earlier career. No longer having to play that role, Mr. Carlson has hit targets across the board. During one week, he reduced to near tears both a neocon retired lieutenant and a Council on Foreign Relations stooge, before sharing jovial words with a far leftist about the folly of anti-Trump hysteria regarding Russia. Of course, he spends the majority of his time debunking the Trump era’s bountiful left-wing histrionics.

Amren has a great article on the ascension of Tucker Carlson and it is very astute and amsuing. Politics is downstream from culture, and the left is losing the plot. The polished preening of network news seems so anarchronistic now, with the advent of streaming and YouTube stars. Adapt or die as they say.

NFL Hell


“But the disappearance of fans at lower-profile games isn’t only a problem in Santa Clara. This past weekend headlines slammed the Chargers for failing to fill their 30,000 person temporary home in Los Angeles. The Rams’ crowd was unfavorably compared to the audience for USC’s game this past weekend, and there is increasing grumbling about the decline of even the television ratings.”

Newsflash, L.A. is a fickle sports town. Besides that, the NFL has cut off it’s nose to spite its face. It launched a multimillion dollar probe to see if it’s marquee star Tom Brady played with his balls, literally. It has been caught doling out one game suspensions to shitbags who beat their wives and girlfriends, and allows spoiled millionaires to disrespect the national anthem.

In the year of our lord, two thousand and seventeen, there are many options for spending a Sunday. The NFL should bring back O. J. Simpson as a sideline reporter, make the circle complete. Ratings are never going to recover, concussions, off filed crime, poor play and a lack of respect for the fan base are too much to overcome.

Medium Cool


This movie is a must see for the times we are in right now. The title is taken from McLuhan’s book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man and shows amazing footage of the DNC in 1968. It is one of, if not the best films on politics and media ever made yet remains a hidden gem.

The movie itself plays like someone taking a go pro into a time machine, and the ever magnificent Robert Forster carries the picture by being both a strong presence and a passive spectator, no easy feat.

Building the Perfect Beast

Few details are known about Neuralink. The company’s sparse website says it’s “developing ultra-high bandwith brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” It’s also recruiting engineers and scientists to join the effort.

Elon Musk wants to plug you into the Matrix,

While decrying AI, he reminds me of Don Henley, quoting Henry David Thoreau and shilling albums from Walmart. They are both true believers, and have more conviction than most, which makes it even more amusing. This is a great album, underrated. Elon needs to cut the shit and make rockets. I hope you are having a nice summer.