Watch Them Get High and Die in WeHo

“[He] would supply heroin, meth and other drugs to him to smoke or use with a needle,” Nixon alleges. “Buck would pleasure himself at the sight of my son using drugs…”

‘He’ being political player Ed Buck
high-profile Democratic Party donor and political activist.

Seems Ed has quite a fetish, and has a lot to explain. Here is the full story.

I do not know if Ed is still on the City Council. Ed is a Democrat.

UPDATE: Homicide is coming in for a look. Ed Buck’s lawyer had this to say:

“What happened in 2016, in unverified writing, I doubt has anything to do with what happened in 2017,” the attorney said. “There is nothing to show that Ed was anything but a kind-hearted individual trying to help somebody else by giving them access to his home.”

This is one to keep an eye one.


First N.F.L. Concussion Payments Are Approved, but Some May Miss Out


Wooden said some players he had spoken with had not registered because they feared that their reputations would be hurt and that business clients might leave them if those clients thought the former players were sick. Other players, Wooden said, are superstitious and believe that if they register, they are bound to develop an illness.

The full article is here. Many will say the injuries are part of the game, but long term brain damage is not like a bad knee or back. These players deserve what they can get from the NFL. Some find it hard to sympathize with millionaire players, but the owners make billions and have a responsibility to provide healthcare and adequate compensation.

Scaramucci is Out


Mike Cernovich is not happy about this. Scott Adams sees this as a power move by General Kelly. Both are right, and this is yet more cannon fodder for the press. Mike is thinking long term, he had some inside baseball on Mooch’s vision for White House communications and is really disappointed.

I agree, but see this as another tempest in a tea pot. I am a political junkie and a real #MAGA fan, but the overwhelming amount of intrigue is givving me overwhelming fatigue! Imagine what this is doing to the full time shills who cannot unplug, and hate the president’s agenda? The ride never ends!

The Pennsylvania Hermit

I was fortunate enough to take my oldest boys through Indian Echo Cavern. The kids thought it would be more like Minecraft, and were not as enamored as me. Still they made it through the whole tour.

Three quarters through the tour guide ( a very professional teenager) told of the hermit who lived in the cavern. His story is remarkable.

Don’t Beef with O’ Keefe! You won’t Believe What Happens Next!


Veritas does it again! What happens next indeed, will be hilarious. There will be charges the tape is edited, or phony. The employee will claim he was kidding, then he will apologize say he did not speak on CNN’s behalf. Then he will be terminated, and CNN will issue another apology, say how committed they are to the truth. Then another video will drop, this one implicating someone else.

O’Keefe has been doing this since he was a student at Rutgers, and for those who are unfamiliar his takedown of ACORN brought out Andrew Breitbart’s “BIG” websites, that later became the Breitbart news organization. Andrew pioneered the slow drip death by a thousand cuts that is the playbook on how to destroy mainstream media.

Amazon Plans Cuts to Shed Whole Foods’ Pricey Image – Bloomberg

Bloomberg is forecasting major employee cuts and the story is being backed up here.

The Seattle-based web giant, which recently bought the upscale grocer for £11 billion, could slash cashier positions as it automates jobs and cuts prices, Bloomberg has claimed.

It is economically sound practice to do away with labor, and make the Whole Foods delivery business the new model. It appears to be Amazon’s end run at the gourmet delivery market.

Self serve kiosks on college campuses and the takeover of wholefoods should concern everyone. The in crowd wasn’t worried about a McDonalds employee or a cab driver being phased out, perhaps they will wake up.