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NFL Hell

“But the disappearance of fans at lower-profile games isn’t only a problem in Santa Clara. This l–past weekend l u in my m by p slammed the Chargers fo failing to fill their 30,000 person temporary home in Los Angeles. The Rams’ crowd was unfavorably compared to0/ no the audience for USC’s game this past […]


The Cincinnati Enquirer’s harrowing chronicle of an ordinary week at the height of the heroin epidemic. via 180 Overdoses, 18 Deaths, One Week — Longreads  American Carnage by Christopher Caldwell | Articles | First Things It’s Time to Adopt Electronic Prescriptions for Opioids : Annals of Surgery Where is the outrage?

Medium Cool

  This movie is a must see for the times we are in right now. The title is taken from McLuhan’s book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man and shows amazing footage of the DNC in 1968. It is one of, if not the best films on politics and media ever made yet remains a hidden gem. […]

Building the Perfect Beast

Few details are known about Neuralink. The company’s sparse website says it’s “developing ultra-high bandwith brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” It’s also recruiting engineers and scientists to join the effort. Elon Musk wants to plug you into the Matrix, While decrying AI, he reminds me of Don Henley, quoting Henry David Thoreau and shilling albums […]

First N.F.L. Concussion Payments Are Approved, but Some May Miss Out

Wooden said some players he had spoken with had not registered because they feared that their reputations would be hurt and that business clients might leave them if those clients thought the former players were sick. Other players, Wooden said, are superstitious and believe that if they register, they are bound to develop an illness. […]

James Baldwin

I was taking an English 102 class at and we had to parse out some short stories. Some really good stuff, typical liberal fare but the quality of stories was great. I read Sonny’s Blues there and it still has the best imagery I have read. The scotch and milk on the piano, the relationship between […]

Scaramucci is Out

Mike Cernovich is not happy about this. Scott Adams sees this as a power move by General Kelly. Both are right, and this is yet more cannon fodder for the press. Mike is thinking long term, he had some inside baseball on Mooch’s vision for White House communications and is really disappointed. I agree, but see this as […]