New Study Shows What Really Happened in the 2016 Election

What makes this result fascinating is that, in 2008, Clinton had positioned herself as the candidate of the white working class and she dominated the white socially conservative wing of her party. But she lost that identity so thoroughly that she couldn’t even replicate the performance of a president who had become synonymous with elite social liberalism.

Fairly insightful piece here, but the money quote is above. Hillary is such an empty vessel and shitty policing that she let her milenial run campaign shape her personality.
Obama ’08 was a phenomenon and she flat out lost to the best candidate. 

This time around she delegated all her authority to the millennial gay rainbow coalition that is so anti white they made her anti white. The end results amused me to no end.


James Comey Talks The Way High School Girls Talk

He was often “confused and concerned” about things, sometimes even “honestly concerned.” More than the facts, he spoke of his “impression,” “reading,” and “sense” of the facts. Something Loretta Lynch asked him to do “gave [him] a queasy feeling.”

Scathing and hilarious article on Comey from PJ Media. You can practically see Comey and his fellow squishy apparatchiks calling President Trump “icky” while getting toasted on organic wine. What a pussy to be grabbed.

Megyn Kelly’s Second Episode Draws 3.6 Million Viewers | TVNewser

In head-to-head competition, 60 Minutes, which was Sunday’s most-watched show, drew 7.9 million viewers while the second episode of Kelly’s show, which included an interview with Erin Andrews, averaged 3.6 million, down -42 percent from its debut episode a week earlier.

The numbers do not look too good. To add insult to injury it appears she had some (Bad) work done as well. She is on the Katie Couric career path.


But as Cosby was leaving the Montgomery County Courthouse today following his first week of trial, his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, told reporters Cosby’s testimony is possible.“We’ll weigh all our options,” Wyatt said.

Amazing how Drudge pulls from a local website because The New Cosby Show has become an under the radar story. 

I have been writing about Cosby’s situation and back in March wrote about being dumbfounded the case slipped off media radar. I do not think there will be a conviction of any kind.

Clinton Plantation

This nasty bit of business from Hillary’s book It Takes a Village is being used to send her to the wilderness. Her unbridled ego and lust for power will make her an albatross for Dems unless she is back benched for good.

She has many loyalists left, and what better way to shitcan her ambition and rhetoric than to remind people her and Bill Clinton used de facto slave labor.
How delicious!