Nazi Nazi Nazi, Not so Fast

I touched on Poe’s Law earlier. I became aware of the phenomenon of people calling one another Nazi’s around 2000 post GWB getting elected.  I always thought it was chickenshit and dangerous. I can recall finalizing how I would handle the mainstream media during this turd hunt. This plastic preening imbecile Gregory was always way out of his depth with many of his guests. I am neither  fan nor detractor of Michelle Bachman, but it is around this time I came up with my theory.

If they call you a racist, or nazi, call them a pedophile. After their shocked response, double down by saying I have as much circumstantial evidence you are a pedophile that you have to call me a racist. Now I have zero chance of being interviewed by a mainstream media publication, and I am not sure that argument would fly past the legal department. But you get the gist, and this year you have seen similar tactics used to great effect. People from message boards and forums got on social media and bullycided 6 and 7 figure professionals.

I would be interested to know how people age 25-30 view the media and how their thoughts evolved. I am 40, grew up in a suburb of Boston and lived through a lot of fucking nonsense and outrageous bullshit and ass fucking prostitution scandals and understood that Democrats were impervious to scandals, as they just would not be considered scandals by the news. I was immune to the “news” at an early age, by age 14 was mocking it. It was just bullshit filler to get to Bob Lobel and the sports highlights. This is before SJW’s fucked sports up too.

I find it hard to believe that it took 25-30 years to catch onto the tricks needed to beat the media. That is where Cuckservative comes in. I always understood being on TV, or writing for a large newspaper and then website had certain rules. But never have I seen the mask slip off of these shills faster and with more flop sweat than in 2016. Whatever integrity Journalism had, is long gone. Social media and a take no prisoners attitude helped shatter an industry that had passed its expiration point in the early 90’s. #MAGA indeed.


Populist Zeitgeist

One of the most interesting and neglected aspects of this campaign is how brutally efficient it was. Eccentric billionaire self funds campaign, beats two political dynasties and a corrupt media system. Sounds like a hollywood attempt at a modern day Frank Capra movie. Tap George Clooney to play the billionaire, get Nick Nolte in as a grizzled ex senator turned lobbyist, put in an British actress who thinks “he really has a shot at doing it” and you have a box office hit. This was no script, and it played out exactly as it should have. Looking back, all of the opposition was sound and fury.

This is one of my favorite takes on early Trump:

“If you’re keeping score, in the past month Trump has bitch-slapped the entire Republican Party, redefined our expectations of politics, focused the national discussion on immigration, proposed the only new idea for handling ISIS, and taken functional control of FOX News. And I don’t think he put much effort into it. Imagine what he could do if he gave up golf.”

Anyone following the election should know Scott Adams’ theory of the Master Persuader Filter, again if you have time check out all his archival Trump posts. Someone else I follow on Twitter really nailed it on their predictions as well. Jay Five captured better than any mainstream pundit how the election would play out from the vantage point of frustrated media. Here is a post from 2014 about what a strong populist platform should look like from Jay. That is spot on, but it was this post from Jay where he really lays out how the media never had a chance to make a dent in Trump’s momentum. They were all collectively struggling in quicksand while Trump breezed past them.

What is remarkable to me, is that if I was able to stumble on to Scott Adams blog and Jay’s posts, any journalist could have. If they had taken the time to read any of this, they could have saved some credibility. The average journalist is not that bright, or motivated, and that gave team Trump the edge. Allegedly Hillary and her campaign staff laughed at Bill Clinton and James Carville for recommending they bring in white working class vote. She chose poorly.

What is to follow is a smooth transition, not too many fireworks to keep president Obama from interjecting. What follows after, with the guidance of Steve Bannon is a systematic defrocking of the mainstream media as standard bearers for news. Their position as pundits is in flaming ruin, and their role as gatekeeper is being eroded on a daily basis. What a time to be alive indeed.


Incomplete Post

I have been trying to get a writing rhythm by knocking out 350- 500 words a post, keep it semi coherent until I can get a “voice”. I have a fire and forget mentality, knowing that 95% of my stuff will be garbage until I get a vibe for what I am doing. I felt I had to revisit my post on the Alt Right today though.

I do not think anyone can self identify with a group. Perhaps someone can induct me later, or label me Alt Right. I can tell you that I have no blinders on about race and identity politics. I believe white genocide is real. I understand that there is a huge effort to undermine my standing as a man, Marine veteran, husband and father by many outside forces. I do see a big problem with (((journalists))) attacking my belief system, without examining their own.

I had a decision to make, by not becoming anonymous and shitposting like John Rivers or Ricky Vaughn. I am a normie, through and through, and my beliefs are normal. So I am not a member of the Alt Right, but I will keep checking my inbox for my membership forms, because the fight has just kicked off.

The Alt Right

I apologize for the delay, the holidays got to me. I seem to have a few people checking in on the blog, so that is great. Mostly they come at night, mostly. I was introduced to  the left right war of labeling groups and sub groups as a teenager. My mother is very religious and was a member of Operation Rescue and I became aware of the group’s activities. She and the rest of her compatriots did a good job of not indoctrinating me into the movement.

Each political faction has it’s lunatic fringe and brainwashing techniques. I have tried to reject labels and secondary sources. My gateway to the Alt Right was Twitter accounts like Adolf Joe Biden Ricky Vaughn in his many forms, Milo,  Vox Day and Jay Fivekiller. Several years ago though, you might remember an ad circulating around various websites. It’s clickbait style headline read “New way white supremacists speak” or some bullshit. It had a very striking looking girl transfixed by a computer monitor as the screen cap. Curiosity getting the better of me, I clicked and the only thing I remember is the now popular screed about diversity. The line in the video was does anyone say Japan is to Japanese, we need to bring more of X into Japan to make it diverse. I think diversity = anti white was used in there but it did not hold my attention long enough to watch the whole video. What it did do was red pill me in a way. I agreed 100% with the videos content, therefore I was a white supremacist. I saw the battle lines, but I did not know Alt Right was already fighting the battle.

I have a very sheltered online life, use Twitter primarily to read, and do not engage people much. I was vaguely familiar with the terms that get tossed around like Occam’s Razor , Poe’s Law and most importantly The Overton Window. I have trolled a few message boards in my day, but did not understand the power of trolling people, or bullyciding with “hate facts” until I followed Big Todd and watched how he used Twitter to obliterate the narrative and force open the Overton Window. At the same time as I was slowly being drawn toward more offensive/aggressive accounts, gamer gate was happening.

I have had better insight than a lot of “pundits” as I could see the moving parts and how they fit. However, I was under the impression that there 1. were such things as coincidences and 2. shitposting was just shitposting. I was wrong on both counts. This article does a great job explaining the gamer gate MAGA merger.

The next post will take a look at what a masterful populist campaign PEOTUS Trump ran. I will be relying heavily on Jay Five‘s blog posts for this. He called the movement back in 2014.

The Primaries, and Twitter

I believe there is a need for people to break down complex text and methodology, and deliver it to an audience who could not absorb it in its original form. This is one of the reasons I am writing about the election. I waited until the election was over to start. Frankly, I was not at a skill level where I could have written about the campaign on a day to day basis. There are a few people who were able to touch on the Trump Phenomenon, but two individuals in particular stand out. During the primaries, there were two people who perfected this art. Bill Mitchell and John Nolte.

No two people had their finger on the pulse of the electorate more than these two fellows. One of the most amusing things for me was watching Bill Mitchell go from 22K followers to over 100K and be the most accurate pundit regarding election day turnout. Bill had some inside sources yes, but he had a good old fashioned gut feeling. He was using his Twitter account to act as a modern day Will Rogers, tweeting out common sense wisdom that would trigger 7 figure consultants.

John Nolte has been writing professionally, and personally against the mainstream media for years. I have looked to him as the voice of reason (which is interesting because 99% of Twitter thinks he is certafilable) since I came across his writing in 2009, 2010. Nolte says he has a superpwoer, like one of the mutants from the X men. He has the ability to piss people off, make them enraged. I can vouch for this, as I agree with John’s opinion on politics, journalism and even movies 97% of the time, but Istill get mad at his tweets!

I look to these two individuals specifically because they did not 100% buy into the Master Persuader Filter, but did not discount it. They relied on their own intuition and instinct to call the shots all the way.

On a personal note, I would not have gotten through the primaries without Mr. Mitchell’s enthusiasm and positive attitude and struttin’ boots, or Mr, Nolte’s take no prisoners attack on media, and consultants and pundits he thought were frauds.  So this is a thank you note to you both.

Tomorrow I will delve into my introduction to the Alt Right and where I stand on that.

Full on Pussy Parade

So Tucker Carlson along with (John Nolte) set the edge for me as far as mainstream political thinking. I gave shout outs to Mike Cernovich and Scott Adams in regards to how why the election was won. I believe them, hands down. But I invested so much in the tradition (Pre-suasion) methodology, I need to unpack it. I am also hoping for some readership to see where my base predictions and philosophies begin and where and when they bleed over to the afore mentioned persuaders. I also want to know how much of their persuasion game I knew subconsciously, and how much I back filled after digesting their words for months. So please read and share and give feedback.

This article from Tucker Carlson, in Politico no less, was a very strong indicator of how the media would treat his campaign. I thought the article would take off, and it really died. Nolte pushed it, said it was Pulitzer worthy, but there was no created buzz. Now in the opening of the piece, Carlson has Trump saying the word pussy, as in, I get more pussy than you, on an answering machine.  The left should have and could have seized on that, gotten a quote, or tried to force Trump to answer. They didn’t because this piece was so strong the MSM did not want to draw attention to it.

Carlson really nailed the white working class concerns. Not gripes, or anxiety, or angst. Concerns. These people, and I was one of them before I got a desk job have a right to object. These jobs, construction, manufacturing and such, did not just go away, they have gone somewhere else, to other people. The anger comes, not from being frustrated at not being as successful, or able to adapt to changing technology, but at your neighbor shrugging off you losing your livelihood, so their 401(k) can grow .03% or they can buy a 60 inch TV cheaper. That is NOT WHO WE ARE, as the phrase goes. At least it wasn’t, or shouldn’t be. For millions of people, Trump was the first counterpunch on 30 years of increasingly contemptuous treatment. Tucker got it, and he got Scott Adams and an increased following and prime time show.

Two things happened

I already broke my promise of posting every day, and I shot myself in the ass on the timeline I proposed in my last post. Either way, I got amazing sleep last night, had a great meal with family today. SO back to #MAGA.

I am 40, so Trump has been a “thing” and a big deal my whole life. I became aware of him around the time of Art of the Deal, so 87. I was 11 or so. Book was huge, kids in my junior high class had copies, everyone read it or said they did. I was a weird kid couldn’t sleep at night, loved Letterman.  Letterman is where I first saw Howard Stern, and where I became aware of New York, and how the city made national celebrities out of local talent. The city was so big and bright and absurd, that if you made it there, you made it anywhere, literally. I always liked Donald Trump, but he was not someone I worshiped or studied. In hindsight I should have paid more attention.

He was the guy That was Mr. 80s, Mr, Wall St. The movie came out same time as Art of the Deal, and to a young kid watching Entertainment Tonight at dinner, it did not matter if he was not on Wall St. really.

Then I got older, watched less TV, but there he was again on TV. Only this time no one wanted his opinion, or wanted to talk about his book. They wanted to say what a heel he was for cheating on his wife with a Hawaiin Tropic model. They build em up, they break em down. They hit him hard, and now I understand that during this time (90-95) he was suffering from a financial crisis as well as a divorce. This is important, because when he got his financial footing back the press returned to soft coverage. I remember an extended piece of news about Marla Maples and her big role in Executive Decision. Great popcorn flick, she played a stewardess.

Now from 96-2000 I was out of the loop, but that is a blog post for another day. But from 2000-2004 I was unaware of him, but he always seemed to be in the news. Now take a minute and review his credits on IMDB: Trump credits. He has worked in anything and everything to keep his name and his image out there. He has as many credits as a working character actor that works solely out of New York. Absurd, that he had the time to do it. Also absurd that no one else has brought up his extensive experience in front of the camera. Lots of puff and fluff, but in their prime Letterman and Sterns were sneaky great interviewers. Also, acting and playing versions of himself helped A\B test his on camera persona.

So Trump had done enough to develop goodwill on varied programs like the Nanny and Wrestlemania. TV is the most intimate form of media, as it is in your home and you have the choice to turn it on and off. Trump has been on national television since 1981 selling himself. Incredible. WHen Trump started to take pot shots at current political leaders back in 2011 or so, I did not know what his end game was. I did not think he would ever run. I was 100% unaware of the exploratory committee and his stint in the Freedom Party I believe n 2000. It came at great personal and professional risk to go after president Obama and many other politicians.

No longer was he highly favored by David Letterman, or Howard Stern. Interestingly enough Stern has been the most professional about his past with Donald. It was this article First political hit piece that keyed me in. I cannot stress enough, that article meant to destroy his ambitions in the crib, made me realize he would win. So now that is my brief history with the PEOTUS. Now I will be back tomorrow to talk about how I believe Tucker Carlson saved his campaign at the beginning and the end. Happy Thanksgiving.